Jan 26 2017

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen there are a few items to consider before moving forward. A kitchen remodel is a significant project that can improve the value of your home as well as vastly enhance your experience of comfort and beauty while living in your home.

These tips will help you make great decisions for your kitchen remodeling project:

Consider the windows: While you are removing counter tops and replacing cabinets, it is a great time to upgrade the windows. Low energy options can help seal your home and improve comfort from heating and air, plus aesthetically they will improve the appearance.

Forget the carpet: Kitchens are a high use room with water, food particles and potential spills lurking. Carpet does not offer the versatility you need or the ease of cleaning necessary to create a long lasting floor for this room in your house.

Get the best flooring: You can always find tiling or other flooring that is less expensive, but your kitchen floor is a high use area where spills are expected and children are often nearby. Make sure your flooring is rated for the right level of traction to avoid slips and unnecessary accidents, and of course one that has the beauty and design you want for the long run.

Paint matters: Definitely look at high gloss or semi gloss paint for the kitchen. You do not want a flat paint that resists cleaning. Glossy paints allow grease and water marks to be removed easily to help you maintain the look of your kitchen.

Hiring a qualified contractor is also critical as they can help you make decisions that will create your dream kitchen and ensure it will function and provide beauty for a very long time.


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