Commercial Solar

With California Home Solar your business, no matter how big or small, will no longer have to worry or struggle when it comes to paying for the electric bill each month. When operating a business the consumption of power will often result in a hefty monthly electric bill that can cause a real strain on your enterprise. Converting to solar power for your commercial business is easy and will help you control energy costs and increase your profits. Allow your business to become energy-independent and take the next step towards a greener environment by going solar today.


The Benefits of Solar Panel Energy in Your Business

Our dedicated and solar driven business clients have proven to reduce or eliminate their energy bills by investing in solar power. Many business owners do not realize how many financial benefits are generated from an investment in power generated by solar panels. When you invest in a commercial solar power system, your business no longer has to be adversely affected by continued electricity price rate volatility from utilities.

A business typically has a three year payback on their solar power investment and the Federal Investment Tax Credit creates a 30% tax credit for implementing solar power systems. Moreover, there is no cap on the amount of credit for business users.
In addition to the Investment Tax Credit and MACRS 5-year Depreciation benefit, the 2008 Economic Stimulus Package also contains a 50% Bonus Depreciation, which raises the deduction from $112,000 to $250,000 for qualified capital investments up to $800,000.

Your Business Keeps on Moving

Commercial-Solar-panelsIt’s time for your business to take control of its power and not rely on the local power company’s service. Natural disasters strike unexpectedly and hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, and more can cause the power lines to go down and your business too. Don’t let this happen to you! The advantages of producing solar panel powered energy are endless and can ultimately save your business when a disaster strikes or when local power lines fail.

Natural Disasters are notorious for unannounced appearances and your business cannot afford to stop the flow of work for every lightning bolt that may burn out the power lines to your facility. With California Home Solar your business will have the ability to distribute the energy where it is needed most to keep your critical system networks up and running and there will no longer ever be a fear of losing valuable work.

5 Step Process to Add Solar Panels to Your Business

v_icon STEP 1: California Home Solar conducts an assessment of your facility and provides a financial assessment outlining the expected performance and income generating potential of the system.

v_iconSTEP 2: Proceed to an installation date and sign a Works Contract agreement.

v_iconSTEP 3: California Home Solar will obtain all necessary approvals and permits & install your system to be prepared and ready for the meter change.

v_iconSTEP 4: California Home Solar will organize an Authorized Service Provider to install your meter.

v_iconSTEP 5: The Solar Panel System is energized and your commercial business starts exporting clean energy to the grid.

100-Satisfaction-GuaranteedCalifornia Home Solar has over ten years of experience providing cost-effective power solutions to help businesses achieve their financial objectives, whilst making the investment to renewable energy a profitable, easy and enjoyable experience. We offer packaged pre-engineered systems with full manufacturers’ warranties or alternatively we can design a system particular to your building requirements.

A renewable energy generating capacity installment to offset your electricity consumption is a smart business decision for insulating your business from escalating electricity costs and demonstrates your business’s commitment to contributing to California’s Renewable Energy Target for the year 2020. Installing a renewable energy system is rather compelling when it comes to the advantages of receiving Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and bonus RECs (Solar Credits), feed-in tariffs, reduced electricity consumption and an overall reduced carbon footprint for your business.

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California Home Solar engineers practice policies and procedures that protect your solar energy system investment over the long haul, ensuring that you will enjoy your Commercial Solar Power System for many years!



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