Residential Solar Panels

Is your home power hungry?

From small residential homes to considerably large commercial projects California Home Solar offers a variety of solar panel installation services.

Homeowners across the country are already taking advantage of the outstanding benefits that come from installing solar panel systems to their home. California Home Solar residential solar panel installation systems offer affordable and clean energy to any home with a good roof. Our solar energy panels and system installations unlock pure, reliable power.


Solar panel modules are made up of photovoltaic cells that store the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity to be used to power your home appliances, lights and other power required devices in the home. Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource that utilizes the sun’s rays to generate electricity use in your home. Converting to solar panels for your home’s energy source will reduce energy costs and the dependency of fossil fuel conventions, providing a generous contribution to a cleaner environment. The environment will certainly thank you for switching to solar energy.

Today, solar energy costs less than traditional power in most markets. Installing a solar power system for your home can be completed by California Home Solar with little-to-no upfront costs. Chances are we have a solar energy financing option that works for you.

Some of the many benefits include:

v_icon Greater efficient energy with reduced power bills.
v_icon Offset solar panels and system installation costs with government rebate programs.
v_icon Wipe out your power bill selling excess solar energy back to your electricity provider.
v_icon Reduce pollution using clean renewable solar energy that never runs out
v_icon A happy home & neighbors because solar panels and inverters are quiet, energy generators.

Solar Panels Safeguard the Future

Residntail-Solar-panelsSolar energy is about giving back. Your household, the environment and our planet all have much to gain. Spark up great returns from your rooftop with a solar energy systems installation. Solar panels work hard all day to gather clean renewable energy. Your home will enjoy a high performing power supply that saves you money that doesn’t come at a high environmental cost.

If your household includes members of up and coming generations then choosing to switch to a residential solar panel installation for your home today will secure essential energy resources for the future. The addition of sustainable energy to your home will power the future for your children, grandchildren and forthcoming family members who will enjoy clean, renewable energy.

Solar Panels Benefit Future Generations:

v_icon Increases your EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of your home which ultimately increases the value of your home.
v_icon Sustainably powered new technologies.
v_icon Safeguards against rising energy costs.
v_icon Reduced climate change & pollution

100-Satisfaction-GuaranteedContact California Home Solar professionals today for a free consultation. We are professional solar power system integrators who hold our selves to high standards for technical expertise, project management, client communications, and workmanship at a fair and competitive price!

California Home Solar engineers practice policies and procedures that protect your solar energy system investment over the long haul, ensuring that you will enjoy your Residential Solar Power System for many years.


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