Feb 03 2017

Why consume energy when you can generate energy? CA Home Solar, an energy efficiency remodeling company, chooses top quality, American Made Solar Panels from SolarWorld for our projects.

The SolarWorld Panels we use have a variety of benefits for your home or commercial property including: 

HIGH POWER – Using advanced mono PERC cell technologies, SolarWorld Efficells™ solar cells harvest more sunlight during the day and periods of low light than traditional cells. Every cell is sorted by power and color to ensure consistent performance and appearance of every Sunmodule solar panel.

DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE – Greater cell spacing, in combination with greater cell-to-frame spacing, contributes to higher energy yields,
mitigating any potential loss of production due to dirt accumulation and shading at frame edges.

ADVANCED DESIGN – Their patented corner design not only forms the most durable frame connection in the solar industry, but it also incorporates
a drainage feature that decreases water accumulation, resulting in increased energy yield.

ONLY THE BEST PARTS – SolarWorld has tested more than 80 backsheets, which protect the cells from the elements.

BUILT TO LAST – Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, their reinforced wave-shaped frame provides the ultimate in strength and stability, ensuring decades of worry-free performance.

RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE – SolarWorld and their Sunmodule solar panels are consistently recognized for superior manufacturing and

Want Solar for your Home or Business? Contact CA Home Solar at 818-650-8169 or email us at info@cahomesolar.com for a free consultation. 

Go Solar Now to: 
Save money on your electric bill
Increase your home’s value
Lock-in energy costs for years to come
Decrease your carbon footprint

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