Jan 02 2017

Did you know that up to half of the total energy used in your home comes from heating and cooling? Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, also known as your HVAC system, plays a crucial role in your monthly energy spend.

Updating your HVAC system, including the replacement of old furnaces, can reduce your costs and also lead to improved air flow, ease of climate comfort, quieter operations and updated systems which typically last longer, reducing cost expenditures on lifetime maintenance.

Cost savings are important, of course. Replacing an older system with a high efficiency one can literally save thousands of dollars in fuel costs. Many older systems operate around 65% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), with the remaininHVAC2g 35% simply lost. New high efficiency systems offer AFUE ratings well over 90%, which is great for both your pocket book and the environment.

High efficiency systems very often pay for themselves in a few years or less. HVAC systems can also run on renewable energy sources such as wind or solar enabling you to take full advantage of alternative energy saving, reducing your costs and benefiting the environment.

A CA Home Solar specialist can evaluate your HVAC system to see if you need filters changed, a tune up or an entire system overhaul.

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