Aug 01 2016

Why The Government is Paying Americans To Go Solar

How Government cash incentives have homeowners racing to install solar panels

The race to install solar panels has begun, with the US government hinting credits could soon disappear.

Thanks to the government, people across the US are making $1000s by going solar.

But beware: the time to claim this money is running out.

Obama has promised huge incentives to invest in green energy. However there is no guarantee that these enormous payouts would continue under a Clinton or Trump administration.

How much can I earn with solar?

Currently the average US home is saving $25,900 over 10 years by going solar. To help with the initial investment, the government are also offering tax rebates and leasing schemes – meaning you can effectively get solar panels for as little as $0 down.

Families across the United States are switching to solar energy, due to a huge push from Obama to go green. However, these incentives will not last forever.Check to see how much you could save with solar >>

Act now – before the solar deal disappears

Shockingly, many people have no idea how much money they could be saving with solar. But perhaps it’s no surprise that the scheme has been kept secret – as it takes money from the big power companies.

This means experts are predicting the incentives can’t last forever.

However, if you go solar now, you will lock in payments for the future. No matter what happens in the election, the savings will keep flowing in.

The best advice is to act now, before it’s too late to claim!

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