Nov 28 2016

As we discussed in our last blog, California is best known for its high sun exposure and exceeding temperatures. Although many might not know this, California offers more than just burning car seats and tedious sun burns. While the sun is an abiotic factor that is looked at as extraneous and unrelated, it can actually save you as much as $50,000!

It is only a matter of time before people realize the realistic results of solar power and all the great benefits it has to offer. As people get more educated about the subject, the price of installation rises. Supply and demand can help us better understand this money-driven economy and why we should act now, rather than later. It is important to know that the company you commit to is reliable enough to stay stable and not shift with the rest of the companies out there in the market.

If you go to, you will see your personal monthly and yearly savings of switching over to solar energy. We did it too! And these are our results:

Estimated Cost per watt after claiming 30% solar tax credit – $2.53

Monthly savings year 1 – $6.41

Monthly Savings year 25 (for 100% energy usage) – $314.07

Total savings (profit) over life of system – $52,146.00

According to the census bureau, “persons with doctorates in the United States had an average income of roughly $81,400 ” Considering this estimate, we can now see that $50,000 does not come easy to anyone.


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