Feb 01 2017

With a lull in the Southern California rain, now is a great time to upgrade your roof, especially if it has leaks. A cool roof can substantially reduce the cooling load of your home or building, providing several direct benefits to the building owner and occupants including:

• Increased occupant comfort, especially during hot summer months

• Reduction in use of air conditioning resulting in energy savings up to 30%

• Lower cost of roof maintenance due to extended life of your roof

Cool roofs benefit the environment and public health in many more ways – they directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by conserving electricity for air conditioning.

Cool roofs reduce the urban heat island effect in turn improving air quality. Smog is created by photochemical reactions of air pollutants and these reactions increase at higher temperatures. Therefore, by reducing the air temperature, cool roofs decrease the rate of smog formation.

Cool roofs reduce air-conditioning usage during hottest parts of the day, reducing demand for electricity during peak hours. This reduces stress on the energy grid during hot summer months and likelihood that shortages will cause blackouts.

And of course, all this means you will spend LESS MONEY on your energy bills. CA Home Solar is licensed and bonded with a 5-Star Yelp Rating.

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