Jan 06 2017

Whether you want to be more comfortable, save money on energy bills or want a quieter home, better insulation can help!

Only about 20% of homes built before 1980 were well insulated. If you have an older home, you would likely create significant savings for your energy bills by adding or improving insulation.


Noise from both outside and inside the home can be reduced with insulation. It’s perfect for offices, home theaters and nurseries to absorb room-to-room noise. Insulating outside walls will keep outside sounds from leaking in.

If you’re concerned about the effect of energy use on the environment, insulation definitely lessens the amount of energy your home uses and loses.

A great place to start is the attic, as about 25% of a home’s energy can be lost there. Adding insulation to walls, ceilings and ground floor spaces (such as basements and garages) is a simple and effective way to reduce energy loss.

Is Your Home Comfortable?
A free home energy evaluation can help you identify where your home is losing its energy and your money. We’ll be able to tell you where you can make the changes that will affect your comfort and wallet the most.

Call us for a free energy evaluation for your home or business at 818-650-8169.


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