Jan 20 2017

CA Home solar works with our financial partners, the utility solar incentives and the federal tax credit to help you save money on your energy bill.

Some of our partners offer:

No interest for 12 months
Long term programs
Competitive low interest rates

Financing is available for everything from solar to HVAC upgrades, energy efficient windows, insulation and roof upgrades. Ask us about your home improvement project.

Go GREEN and start SAVING! Contact us today and our finance professionals will help you find the best program that fit your needs.


Why Go Solar?


If your current energy bill is more than $100 per month, you should get a quote for solar. As utility costs rise, now is time to control your energy costs.


Converting to solar generates a great return of investment and increases the value of your home. In most cases, solar can cover all your annual electrical usage, depending on available roof space.

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