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Welcome to California Home Solar!

Solar Panels Installation, Solar Power Panels Specialist Servicing Southern California!

Empower your home or business with renewable energy free from the sun. California Home Solar offers you a powerful opportunity to enjoy reduced energy costs. Ask us about reducing your carbon footprint in an environmentally sustainable way. California Home Solar is proud to be California largest integrated solar panels, solar power system. California Home Solar does your home, business or school the power of good with:

Solar energy panels, solar power home & hot water packages
Commercial & residential home solar panel installation
Solar energy systems & hot water product installation
Emergency hot water replacement & repairs

Get Rid Of Your Electricity Bill!

Start saving on electricity from day one
Pay for clean solar energy, not high-cost solar panels
Receive your quote in just 24 hours with no inconvenient home visits
Start saving on electricity from day one
Enjoy guaranteed energy output with FREE 24/7 system monitoring

Take back control and lower your electricity costs with a California Home solar electric system. You can meet up to 100% of your home electricity needs with solar, virtually eliminating your electric bill and significantly reducing your impact on the environment.

Why Solar Is Right For You:

Incorporate clean, reliable 100% renewable solar power into your home

Take advantage of federal and state solar incentives

Protect against electricity rate hikes

Reduce your carbon footprint and gain energy independence

California Home solar residential solar systems feature our high-efficiency and attractive, all-black solar panels that blend naturally into the design of your home.


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